About us

Green Molecules LLP (GM) core mission is to empower both people and the planet not just to survive but to thrive. We firmly believe in the power of business to be a force for good.

Our commitment extends beyond the immediate future; we’re driven to make a multi-generational impact. We envision a world where clean technology and innovative approaches lead the way to a more sustainable and prosperous planet. As leaders in the clean technology sector, we are determined to push the boundaries, setting new standards for what’s possible. Join us on this journey toward a brighter, greener future.

Who we are

GM embodies the perfect fusion of Engineering and Biotechnology, crafting innovative green business models. We are committed to harnessing the potential of resources such as Biomass (agriculture, forests, etc.), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Industrial Solid Waste to pave the way for Green Energy and sustainable energy-related products—our mission: a greener, more sustainable energy landscape.

GM is promoted by

TSL (Thermotech Systems Ltd) & IEC (Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd).

TSL, a 32 Year old Company with domain expertise of Manufacturing of Process Heating Systems & Integration of Energy Generation Equipment’s to guarantee end result in timely manner.
IEC, a 20 Year old Company with domain expertise on Microbial Technology Solutions in field of Agriculture, MSW, Aquaculture, Animal Nutrition, etc. An Innovative Technology Research company.

In partnership with C&F Consolidation, EnerNext Partners, WSP, Green & Gold Consulting and Graham Construction.


Partners of GM joined hands to pursue Waste-To-Value chain through Pyrolysis, Gasification, Bio-methanation routes.


Formed a Green Molecules LLP in India for initial prototype


Paul Franch joined hands with GM-India to conceptualize the GM Holding, to be incorporated in UAE


Planned 1st project to be commissioned in Wolseley, Saskatchewan for Biomass-To- Biochar & Bio-oil project (Biomass Input Capacity: 400 kgs/Hour)


GM is committed to utilize available waste into value to abate emissions and to make operations Environmentally Sustainable. GM’s Technologies are focused on…

  • To utilize Waste (Biomass, Animal Dung, Municipal Solid Waste, Industrial Solid Waste etc.)
  • To utilize Non-Potable Water (Municipal, Industrial, Seawater etc.)
  • To generate Green Energy
  • To extract Green Chemicals
  • Power Generation
  • To develop Energy Positive Business Models

Potential wastes to handle & Abatement

The details of global annual waste generation and GM’s potential to abate emissions are as below:

Particular Billion TONS / KL Per Annum Carbon Credits / MT or KL Total Potential tCO2, Billions
Animal Manure 60.00 1.02 61.20
Municipal Solid Waste 2.01 0.65 1.31
Agriculture Biomass 146.00 1.00 146.00
Wastewater – Sewage 360.00 0.15 55.44


GM has developed different business models where different technologies will be integrated for Sustainable & Viable Business Models. It may incorporate some of or all the following steps.

  • Input Dependent Pre-Processing
  • Fuel Preparation
  • Fluxolysis
  • Gasification
  • Power Generation
  • Waste Heat Utilization
  • Renewable / Green Energy
  • Heat for Processing or Temperature Management
  • Chilling Load
  • Syngas to Replace Natural Gas
  • Utilization of Waste for Reduction in Carbon Footprints
  • Reduction in Energy Costs
  • Generation of Carbon Credits